Selling Salt?

Activities do some strange things to raise money, but selling salt may be the oddest. The Buffalo baseball team sells water softener salt in bulk.

“The baseball team has been selling salt every year since I can remember,” said Senior Eric Nelson.

Players are expected to sell about one hundred 40lb bags each. After selling for about two weeks, the team wraps up the fundraiser this saturday with a special tradition.

“Grand Slam Saturday is when all the baseball players meet at 9am on Saturday in coach Beilke’s room at the middle school. We get into teams of four. One person drives and we try to sell as much [salt] as we can before noon. Each member of the team that sells the most salt gets twenty bucks. Each team sells between 50-300 bags in the morning,” said Nelson. 

The morning is for more than just selling bags of salt.

“The time spent with teammates is invaluable. After we sell, we all hangout and eat pizza. My teammates make everything worthwhile,” said Nelson.

By enjoying time with company, Nelson proved even fundraising can be fun.

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