Colleges Following Students On Twitter

Starting just a few years ago, the social networking site Twitter has become very popular with the teenager community. Almost everybody and anybody has a twitter now, and it is becoming more popular than Facebook was when it first came out. Twitter is specifically about updating your status about what you’re doing, how you feel, uploading pictures, and of course ‘subtweeting’. Subtweeting is basically tweeting about someone or something, not tagging them in your tweet, and hoping they won’t see it.

University of Wisconsin River Falls Following a Senior Student.
University of Wisconsin River Falls Following a Senior Student at BHS.

Celebrities, politicians, fake accounts, High schools,  and even colleges have twitters now. For seniors, a popular thing to tweet about is where they might be going to college at and what their future plans are. A common uproar has been about students complaining about potential Colleges they might be going to following them on twitter.

Should colleges be able to follow you on twitter, or is that for personal use? Could it be hurting your chances to get into that college after they follow you and read about what you’re saying?

“It’s almost as bad as having your parents or grandparents follow you on Facebook.” said Senior Lana Evers. “It makes you nervous because you’re afraid of saying something wrong.”

You have the option to protect your tweets on twitter, that way incoming followers have to approves by you. Would it be wrong to deny the College you’re attending to follow you on twitter, or would it be better to let them follow you?

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Taylor Eakins

17, Senior graduating in 2013 from Buffalo Senior High School. Involved in Softball, Art, and soon to be in college for Psychology. I like to take occasional photography, and working/ writing for the hoofprint.

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