Robinson plays gigs

“There was about a month where I thought I could make a living off music,” said English Teacher David Robinson.

Robinson frequently plays for Crows Feet, a local band, and been in a myriad of bands previously.  After that successful month of fill-in jobs and various shows, he experienced an eight month dry spell. He had joined his first band in college and has been playing guitar  since. Each band has had its ups, downs, clashing personalities and band moms, but that hasn’t ever made him stop.

“I’ve played plenty of gigs to empty chairs too though,” Robinson said.

One of his more memorable shows was playing a small wedding, the audience was bouncing up and down on the wood floor almost louder than the bands cover of  ‘Knock on wood”. He mentioned how the audience becomes as much a part of the band as any member, and adds a kind of energy that just makes you want to play louder and better to add to that.

“Playing music is mostly beneficial to create connections with students,” Robinson said.

Robinson will occasionally bring in his guitar or harmonica to help with students projects, but most times feels nervous playing in front of students. Robinson  enjoys making connections with students through music, sometimes he is able to see a student move forward with a music career or just with a deeper friendship and understanding of music.

Occasionally, he says he’ll play a gig and later a student of his will rush up, having been unaware that he is in a band. He’ll gauge the quality of his performance on weather or not they decide buy him a drink after the show. It’s not a well known fact that he plays music, but those who do know have been able to forge a deeper friendship because of it.


Lauren is a BHS senior who enjoys comics, cartoons and helping with the Pegasus lit mag. She also collects art books and zines in her spare time.

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