One Act’s controversial disqualification leads to rule change

In a controversial decision, Buffalo was disqualified from the One Act Play Sections on February  2. A week later at the State Festival, Director Tracy Hagstrom Durant found out that the rule that played a part in their disqualification is now being rewritten.

The play was originally disqualified for soliciting an audience response.

“It’s a good thing for the change,” Hagstrom Durant said. “Clarity of rules is always important. I felt bad for our kids, technically it’s my fault. I’m on the committee; I should know the rules. It looks like I don’t know them.

The rule is being rewritten so it is understandable and will not be misinterpreted. Another rule is also being changed so there will not be only two people deciding the fate of  our play.

“In its current state, I know they are trying to make an even playing field.”

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Tiffany Kramer

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