Snow What?

Snow Days is more than students dressing up. There are AAA activities and even broom ball at the rink.

“The after school activities are a joke. Why would anyone waste their time,” said Bjorklund.

The students that dress up feel that snow days has a lot to do with school spirit.

“I don’t feel stupid dressing up because I like to dress up and be different,” said Junior Lexi Bollant.

Most students are sick of the snow and winter weather and counting down to spring break.

“I absolutely think that snow days would be better the week before Christmas,” said Bjorklund.

With winter sports seasons wrapping up, students don’t have time to go after school and spend time with classmates.

“I’m too busy to participate in more of the activities. I think snow days would be better if it was run by Student Council.,” said Bollant.

It’s safe to say the hype of Homecoming isn’t present for Snow Days. The timing for most students leaves motivation down and the winter blues setting in.

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Trevor Dahlof

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