Newest Fired Up Fan Of The Game

Coming into the Buffalo High School gym, Junior Tyler Pinor was sporting his bison apparel ready to cheer on the boys basketball team.
“I get excited to come to the basketball games to pump up the crowd. They could practically hear me cheering on the other side of the gym,” said Pinor. “I think that’s why Bauman noticed how fired up of a fan I was.”
Pinor was a nominee for the “Fired Up Fan of the Game” award at the boys final home game. Following the guidelines of being a fired up fan, Pinor had outstanding team spirit, showed excitement, and rocked his purple bison sweatshirt.
“I was really amped up the whole game. Bauman was hinting throughout the night that I was at the top of the list of receiving the award,” said Pinor. “I was excited when they called my name to receive such an honorable reward.”

Receiving a certificate and two free items to the concession stand, Pinor was ecstatic as he shook the announcer’s hand when taking his reward.
“I headed straight to the concession stand and got myself some lovely peanut M&M’s and a soda pop,” said Pinor. “I think I deserved it for cheering the whole game!”

Story By Bailey Hanson & Maddi Herzfeld

Photos By Nick Engfer & Maddi Herzfeld

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