The Hoofprint Hits Instagram

Follow us! The Hoofprint is now on Instagram.

Instagram is a photo sharing app that enables it’s users to take and apply filters to their photos. Users are able to share them among many social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter.

The Hoofprint Instagram is completely run by students at BHS, so all of the pictures that are posted are from the eyes of the students. The Hoofprint Instagram will be used to post pictures of current events that are happening at BHS.

Instagram is currently blocked on the Buffalo Hanover Montrose District’s internet, but is being suggested to be unblocked for student use.

If you have any pictures of current things happening at BHS, feel free to email them to mollykwakenat@gmail.com and they will be reviewed and posted.

Link to @thehoofprint ‘s Instagram: http://instagram.com/thehoofprint

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Molly Kwakenat

My name is Molly but you can call me Molly. I enjoy playing hardcore Dance Dance Revolution in my free time and my favorite food is kale chips. I can write and design but that isn't as important as my taekwondo skillz I acquired from a very talented shrimp.

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