What a bunch of Rubes

“Its a fun event to work on together, we’re not really expecting to win.” said AP Physics teacher Paul Anderson.

The event being the annual Rube Goldberg machine competition, an event where 25 teams from all across Minnesota make a machine to accomplish a simple task in the most over complicated way possible. The competition blends engineering, logic, creativity and imagination as well as being able to physically build something. It  took place at the University of Mankato , and this years goal was to Hammer a Nail. Apart from the basic hammering of a nail, the machines had to have at least 20 steps, and be able to be transported to Mankato.

“Its something more fun than just doing papers and taking tests.” He continued.

At 6:15 Thursday morning there were two teams that started the trek, Mr. Andersons AP physics class, and a smaller group that wanted to throw their hat in the ring as well. Each BHS team had about 4 days to design, build and test their machine, as opposed to teams from other schools who had months to create theirs. Neither team brought home an award, but these first year entries really didn’t have winning in mind.


Lauren is a BHS senior who enjoys comics, cartoons and helping with the Pegasus lit mag. She also collects art books and zines in her spare time.

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