Bison Time vs.SSR

Change isn’t always something we like or want. It’s sometimes what we need. BHS seniors went from having SSR (Designed to increase students reading ability and structure) for three and a half years, to having one quarter (including our fourth quarter privileges) of Bison Time. Bison Time is a student choice program. (Independent study, math, science, spanish, unique classrooms, and teaching you to learn new things.)

“I personally think if we were going to change SSR it should be next year,” said Senior Rylee Kula. ” Not in the middle of the year, pissing all the seniors off for the change in our last year here.”

Eight out of ten seniors wish they could have stuck to SSR so they wouldn’t have a change in their schedule. Some seniors think it’s not a good idea to have Bison Time for one quarter when they have senior privileges for fourth quarter.

“Even though I’m on the job and don’t attend Bison time,” said Senior Samantha Wanner. “We had SSR for a reason, we had it to benefit our reading scores and ability to read. ‘Why get rid of it?’ I don’t understand our administration sometimes.”

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