Snapchat can be very dangerous, but is it on it’s way out?

Everyone knows what it is, the app with the trademark yellow background and white ghost. Snapchat.

This app seems to be fading off but students still had a lot to say about the controversies of this seemingly harmless app.

Snapchat is a smartphone app that allows people to take pictures of yourself and send them to someone with a set timer. Some pictures are cute, some odd, some ugly, and some inappropriate. Snapchat just came out with a new feature where users can take videos of themselves. Could people be abusing this privilege?

“Snapchat can be very dangerous,” said junior Danielle Odeen.

Sophomore Bo Bauman said, “ I think there are a lot of responsible kids that can handle it and use it for the right reason, but it can be taken out of hand. Go too far and easily be thought of as kids using it for the wrong reason.”

Other kids may think snapchat is just another source of sexting.

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Junior Michael Wegter said, “Not for the most part. Mostly it’s just innocent fun. Of course I think some people do things that would be considered inappropriate, but those same people would be doing it with other medium if snapchat isn’t around.”

To many students Snapchat is just an old phase in the past

“Snapchat was fun for like two weeks but really it’s just annoying now,” Odeen said.

Other teens are just as sick if it.

“I actually just deleted mine yesterday,” said Bauman.

Just like all phases, Snapchat hit Buffalo high school hard and has seemed to be fading off slowly but surely. What will the next big app be?

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