Border Battle for Boy’s Hockey — St. Michael vs. Buffalo

Buffalo is set to play the 6-9-1 St. Michael-Alberville Knights this Saturday at 7 P.M. The tension in the air of the Civic center will be higher than if you were trying to suspend a car with fishing line, and it comes with good reason. The Knights published an article in which they predicted to “sweep” the bison yet again this year so they can compete with Rogers. Yet, the Bison have a better record than the Knights, and man handled Rogers like a parent disciplining their disobedient child.

Head coach Jason Fairman decided not to let the article get to him and his team. Instead, he taped the article to the wall of the locker room to use as motivational art work.

“We want to stay humble, so we will see how our game goes,  but I think St. Michael may be in for a rude awakening,” said Junior forward, Wilson Anderle. 

Recently, the Bison’s top players have awaken from their winter slumber. Senior captain Aaron Rouse has shaken the dislocated shoulder injury from a few games ago, and is streaking with two goals in two games, one of which came while being short-handed.

The Bison’s lips are sealed, but are going into tomorrow’s game with their guns ablaze, hoping to hold a successful shooting gallery against the Knights. Get out to the rink, and have a grand time watching the Buffalo play their number one rival! In the words of our schools activities director — FIRE UP!

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