A Congregation of the Funny

A bell dings, a hush falls, and a host says “Hello, and welcome to another AAA Improv!” this followed by a small amount of clapping and chatter.¬† This is the beginning of every Monday AAA for pupils who partake in the antics of AAA Improv in the black box theatre.

An event almost unheard of through the halls of BHS, it is by far the highlight of the participant’s mundane Monday blues. Essentially a twist on T.V.’s “Who’s Line Is It Anyway?” Improv is where students of all kinds can come in and express their ineptitude for comedy in a friendly environment, playing such skit-games as “Party Quirks” and “Freeze Frame.”

It has also been described as “a place where you can act stupidly and people will giggle with you” and “a place to unwind from homework and teachers and fire breathing dragons” by Junior Michael Patchen, a frequent prorater¬† “[I enjoy] the freedom we are allowed as students. How we we decide the rules and the games and the teacher is just there to make sure we don’t blow anything up!”

Due to its overwhelming popularity however, certain restrictions have been placed on the event. A few years back, anyone who was willing to participate and be an active viewer was allowed through the doors on any given Improv day. Unfortunately as the student populace grows in number, making the class size reach the fire safety limit, and a few bad eggs made their way into the events, only former students of the classrooms teacher Mrs. Bertsch are allowed to sign up on the sheet posted out front of the classroom door every Monday before school.

“I think it really sucks that no one can go to Improv¬† unless they’ve been in [Bertch’s] class, I liked the first day. It was great, but then she stopped me after class and said i had to be in one of her classes to be in there for AAA. That really sucked.” Commented Junior Damien Poncel on the new admission standards.

Improv is open to any current or former students of Mrs. Bertsch. If you have any questions, you can find her in her classroom in the black box theater.


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