Year after year in a class room feeling like Cesar Millan

“I feel like Cesar Millan in a dog park whenever I come into  the classroom and start speaking French,” said French Teacher Jason Swanson. Every year teachers teach the same thing. Ever wonder how they feel? Lets find out.

In all her years of teaching Current Event American Experience, Cindy Khalil said, ” It’s never boring, you get new faces every year and plus I teach Current Events so the class is always changing every year.”

Khalil’s  favorite part of coming to work every day is watching Carl Azuz on CNN Student News and being with the  students.

“I’ve worked with both the adult world and kid world and I would have to say that I’d rather be working with students. They have a better sense of humor,” she  said.

Kahlil Loves her job, though it wasn’t her first choice. She loves the students and being a “hip cat” as she calls herself.

English Teacher Joe Pokorney has only been teaching ninth grade English for two years so he is still getting use to the routine. His best part of coming to teach everyday is being with the students.

Swanson teaches French one through five for nine years.  When he first started teaching he said that he liked teaching and loved French but now he  says he likes French and loves teaching.

“Class never gets boring,” Swanson said, “because every class has their own personalities.”

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Michelle is a Junior at BHS. She likes animals, singing, and her guitar.

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