What Makes a Great Teacher?

A good teacher is able to prepare their students for the upcoming tests. What does it take to make a great teacher? Many students at Buffalo High School have teachers or staff members that they really enjoy being around.

“[Physical Education Teacher] Jason Karn is a teacher I really look up to,” says Junior Sam Ortmann.  “He always does what needs to be done and he always leads by example.”

Others like a certain teacher because they make the school day a little easier.

“I like Counselor Mark Jones,” said Junior Casey Anderson. “He helps me through school gets me into classes I need to be in. He makes it a little less stressful. I can walk by him in the hallway and crack a joke.”

“A great teacher will be a person that a young adult can look up to and aspire to be like one day,” said Junior Levi Bean. “They will show someone the attitude to go through life with. For example, [Math Teacher] Emily Greeley is just as much a life coach to me as a math teacher. I think that is what makes her a great teacher.”

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