What was your favorite memory as a child?

Lots of people forget their childhood memories as they grow older, but some memories seem to last, even into adulthood.

 “My favorite memory from my childhood was going hunting with my brother, and my moms boyfriend,” said Junior Callie Anderson. One time my brother and I crashed our four wheeler, and we fell out.”

 “I think my favorite childhood memory would be from third grade, when I went to Disney World,” said Sophomore Matt Laidlaw. “My favorite ride at Disney World would be the Test Track.”

 Everyone has their own unique childhood memories, but most people forget large parts of their childhood, and think that whatever they forgot must not have been important.

 Smells can trigger the limbic center of your brain, this part is so closely related to memory that it is sometimes called the emotional brain. What causes you to create a memory and associate it with a smell, are called conditioned responses. Since we encounter most smells within our youth, smells can often bring about memories from your childhood.

 Memories take a second to come back if it’s brought back by one of your senses.

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Tristan Hardt

I really enjoy being at the beach and my favorite sport is basketball. I love to eat pizza and hamburgers. My favorite basketball player is Kevin Love and favorite football player is AP all day long. I love to spend time with my friends and family.

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