Cell Phone Policy Change?

Buffalo High School in the past hasn’t been very strict about the cell policy for the school “Keep it in your pocket, not hidden and don’t use it during class, if I catch you it will be mine for the day, next time you’ll have to get it from the principal and the third time your parents will have to come get it.” Haven’t you heard that before? From every teacher?

I asked Conrad Weinzetl what his thoughts were about teachers cracking down more so on cell phones in class. “I’ve noticed teachers being more strict on the thought of cell phones in class, but I don’t have to worry about it, I don’t text in class.”

The cell phone policy for the school hasn’t changed, the only thing that students might see as a change is how the teachers are cracking down on it more so this year, they’re not banning them, teachers just don’t want to see you texting in class.

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