How did you find out Santa isn’t real?

“Worst day of my life,” said Sophomore Ryan Bunting.

Everybody has a story about how they discovered Santa Claus wasn’t real, some more tragic than others.

“I was in fifth grade,” said Junior Alyssa Baldwin. “I was sitting at the lunch table when my friend, [Junior] Cleo [Lammers], told me that her mom told her that Santa wasn’t real. I was so sad I started crying.”

“When me and my brother pulled an all nighter,” said Sophomore Carlie Schmidt, “my mom came home with tons of toys, so then I knew.”

While some find out tragically, others find out in a more lightly mannered way.

“Basically just superstitions,” said Junior Levi Bean, “then my mom told me he wasn’t real, but said to still believe in him so I could get more presents.”

“I never really found out Santa wasn’t real,” said Sophomore Danielle Maas, “I found out about the Easter Bunny and just assumed.”

Some students are a bit more sneaky, and find ways to search for presents.

“I went looking for presents and found them, said Junior Hunter Bruhn. “Then when Christmas came, they were the same presents that Santa brought.”

Finding out from older siblings is a common way that kids find out also.

“My mom always hid presents in her closet,” said Junior Regan Miller, “and my brother, [Senior] Justin [Miller], went into the closet and saw a present that said: ‘To Justin from Santa,’ and then he told me.”

Finding out Santa Claus isn’t real, can be a tragic and horrifying event for young children , but everybody finds out someway at some point in their life.

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