Boys Varsity Soccer

On Saturday, September 12, the boys soccer team had a game against Robinsdale/Cooper.

In a successful game of 4 to 1 they sent Robinsdale /Cooper home with a lost.
   With the first free kick sent by Sophomore Adam Dobozenski, making the first goal of the game. With another free kick sent from Sophomore Blake Eznough, nearly 10 yards outside the 18 meter box, Dobozenski was able to put in a header shot.
    Senior John Kramnic scored off a penalty kick, rebounding off the crossbar. Junior Andy Ortmann with the follow up. And the final goal scored by Senior John Kramer, with a break away up the field.
    Bringing the score to 3 to 0 at half, Robinsdale was able to sneak one in during the second half nearly 30 minutes left.
Ending the game with the ‘good game’ handshakes our Buffalo Bison sends Robinnsdale/Cooper home adding a lost to there season record and adding a win to ours.
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