No Driving Allowed.

Not being able to drop off kids by the cafeteria is what this school is saying no to now. People that want to drop people off there are upset because no one has given them an accurate response as to why they can’t.

“I don’t actually know why,” said Vicki Davidson.  Most people know what Davidson does but she is the person who “controls” the parking lot and directs it. Davidson had a couple other things to say about why the teachers might be doing it.

“There used to be a policewoman here before,” said Davidson “and she used to block off people from there and the old teachers might be trying to bring that back.”

There is reasons for blocking kids off from there but none that can be proven by facts or statistics. Reasons could be people getting hit when they are outside their cars. Senior Cali Joy was the first person this year to get hit by car since this school was built in January of 1997.

“She was hit in the parking lot,” said Senior Logan Gruber “that shouldn’t matter when she was hit in the parking lot and not that strip of road.”

The school has to realize that stopping kids from going down that piece of road for no logical reason is not going to end well.

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