Have you finished your Holiday shopping?

People have many ideas about when to go shopping for the holidays. Some think that it is better if you go earlier to beat the rush and get things before they are sold out. Others think it is better to wait until things might go on sale, but risk the chance of standing in line.

“I usually start at least one month before Christmas but I still end up shopping a couple days before the day of Christmas,” said Junior Cassie Pepper.

Some don’t even go shopping for themselves or family. Some buy presents for a charity. Others buy gifts for a needy family. In many of these cases, they are buying presents for people they may not ever know.

“I buy a toy for charity almost every year,” said Sophomore Luke Folkerds. “I do it to help less fortunate kids.  I want them to have the chance to have more of a normal Christmas — the kind like I do.”

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