Zombie Apocalypse 101 with Chuck Norris? What class would you create?

Though there are more than 150 classes available to take at BHS, not all kids are completely satisfied with their choices. Almost 100 students at BHS were given surveys asking them what classes they would create if they could, and there was a wide variety of ideas that came from them.

“A debate class would be cool,” said Senior Nick Engfer. “You could come in each day with a new topic to debate and then do papers and work on some of them, it might actually be cool to have a debate SSR with [American Experience teacher Todd] Manninen as the teacher.”

Out of 86 students surveyed, 23% would enjoy having a Nap Class or a Study Hall.

“I would like to have a nap class or an Independent study,” said Sophomore Kylee Schmidt, “because we get way too much homework, and usually don’t get enough sleep.”

“Yoga or a relaxation class would be nice,” said Junior Cassie Pepper, “so we can all calm our nerves.”

While some people have resting and sleeping on their minds, others are wanting more physical activity. In the same survey, 20% said they would want a Physical Education related class.

“Zumba would be a fun class,” said Junior Natalia Velenchenko, “you could work out, and also dance, it would be an athletic, artsy type class.”
There was a wide variety of ideas for classes, but 5 students surveyed all wanted an outdoorsy type of class.

“I think Wilderness Survival would be a good class to create,” said Senior Dave Rayl, “because I love knots, and many people don’t know how to survive a night on their own, and what are poisons, or not.”

While there are students who would like to add more classes, Junior Hannah Adams thinks differently.

“Pretty much all the classes that I would be interested in taking are already offered here,” said Adams.

There was a variety of odd ideas that came from the survey. Some of these including, How to Look Without Getting Caught 101, Defense Against the Dark Arts, and Zombie Apocalypse Class.

“There should be a Zombie Apocalypse 101 class,” said Senior J.P. Newman, “so we will all be prepared for a zombie attack, and I think Chuck Norris would be a great teacher for that class.”

With these ideas came some more educational ones.

“Marine Biology or Oceanography,” said Junior Brianna Porter, “there aren’t many opportunities to study marine life, except for certain chapters in biology. I think Schneider would teach the class.”

“There should be some kind of medical, or nursing class,” said Junior Jasmine Cohen, “because I think a lot of kids are interested in that field.”

“An experimental class would be cool,” said Freshman Leah Novotny, “you could look up different experiments and recreate them, it would be lots of fun”

From educational classes to napping classes, and all the other results from the survey, students gave their best ideas that truly interested them.

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