Your right to privacy at school: Where does it end?

Schools have the right to search any student, any time, for any reason. Some of BHS’s students agree in the name of safety, while others think it is an invasion of privacy.

“Schools have the ability to search anyone’s bag, without a reason, at anytime. Although they do try to have a reason,” according to School Resource Officer Josh Erickson.

Student’s like Junior Patrick McNabb disagree with this.

“I don’t believe schools should be able to search your bag unless [school administrators] truly believe there is a weapon in the students bags; not something small like cigarettes or weed,” said McNabb.

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Schools may search bags in the “name of safety” according to the school handbook, even when it is to find any item completely unrelated to safety, but then is it is for the “well-being” of students. Wouldn’t you imagine a student should be entitled to decide what is, and what is not good for their health?

With that being said, the major conflict students disagree with is the any-time-any-reason rule also applies to your vehicle parked in the school’s parking lot.

“I think that just because your car is parked on school property, should not entitle [the school] to be able to search your car. They should have to get a warrant,” said Senior Brandon Weirke. Wierke’s belief is the same of many other students when they were informed of the few requirements it takes to be able to your vehicle.

The sad part is the laws will more than likely never be changed, because in our country you are required to be 18 years of age for your voice to be heard. So in the land where everything is supposed to equal, fair, and right — high school students are the exact opposite. Unable to truly have our opinion be heard, on topics that affect us.

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