Devon Bainey prepares for the risks and rewards of life as a Marine

“If I do happen to get shot and die, then I have died in honor for my country,” said Senior Devon Bainey.

Bainey understands the risks of losing his life, but has had his mind set on joining the Marines for two years.

Back in September, Bainey took the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB), which is an intelligence test needed to get into the Marines. He passed with a high score and now spends four out of the seven days training at the base camp here in Buffalo.

“The workouts are hard, but after a while they get easier to handle,”  said Bainey.

Being in the Marine is not what Bainey wants to do his whole life.

While  in the Marines, Bainey will take online classes and major in either business management or web design.

“I just want to serve my two MOS’s which is a total of 10 years and then move on to something else.” Said Bainey. Being a Marine is a great thing but it is also a very scary thing.

Bainey  has lots of support from friends and family members.

“My mom has  her days,” Bainey said. “One day, she’ll be happy for me then another day, she’ll be balling her eyes out. She doesn’t want to be parted from her kids.”

Bainey is actually excited to be in the Marines.

Although he doesn’t get paid or signed to be in the Marine’s like he would of  if he joined the Army, Bainey is doing it for the challenge and the benefits  We wish Bainey good luck and hopes he stays safe when he heads off into boot camp in early September.

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