November brings the beards of Buffalo

Have you noticed an increase in facial hair popping, and for some patching their way onto student and staff’s face’s? Well, that’s not because they’re preparing for the looming arctic freeze — the reason behind it is actually in celebration of “No Shave November”.

No shave November is a month long holiday. Few students can participate because, the obvious requirement is to be able to spurt a hefty amount of facial hair, which many High School students struggle to accomplish. Just because only a handful of students can grow facial hair doesn’t prevent staff members like Evan Ronken from ringing in the season with a luscious beard.

American History Teacher Evan Ronken and Senior Riley Smithson show off their No Shave November beards.

“I grow a beard for No Shave November because I get sick of shaving, but my wife doesn’t care for it too much,” explains Ronken.

Ronken’s wife isn’t alone when it comes to her perspective on men and their five-o’clock shadows, or in this case, their month long shadows.

“I don’t think beards look very good, unless the guy can pull it off,” said Junior Alyssa Serrano.

The problem high school students face is not many can actually manage to grow much more than a few stubbles, or a patch of hair at best. Those who can grow a beard are often envied by  their less matured underclassmen.

“I wish I could grow a better beard, because they make you look more manly,” said Sophomore Mario Iden.

November will be coming to a close, and with that will go the best beards of Buffalo students and staff. According to many of the men who participated in No Shave November, the itchiness was getting annoying anyways. And for the ladies, expect men to return to the clean cut look many of you know and love.

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