Everybody hates Facebook fights, so why can’t we avoid them?

Any time and any where a fight breaks out, on Facebook. Though they are pointless and flat out dumb, everyone has fought at least once on Facebook.

How many times do people fight on Face book?

Senior Riley Smithson says, “I have have a fight on Facebook at least two or three times a week.”

People fight over the most random things when on Facebook. There are topics ranging from politics or religions to relationships, or colors of the rainbow.

“It really makes no sense to fight on Facebook when you can just do it face to face,” said Senior Julie Spreeman. “You can’t really do anything  when you’re mad. What is there to do?”

You could caps lock everything or put an exclamation mark after every sentence, But it’s still useless. It has more effect when you actually fight face to face  because then it makes more  sense.

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Michelle is a Junior at BHS. She likes animals, singing, and her guitar.

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