How Different is Buffalo High School’s Ethnic Background?

“Act of being diverse, different, unlike the rest.” Buffalo High School will and has a lot of names, but one it can’t say it is, is actually being diverse. The staff might say we are, but Buffalo really isn’t.

Buffalo High School has 1,756 students attending, only 7.89% are a different ethnic background besides white. 156 students are of different ethnic background beside white. 51 out of 156 are of Hispanic Background, 31 of Asian background, 23 of African/Black American, and 10 of Indian background.

Out of 80 students 80 said that Buffalo High School isn’t very diverse . “All buffalo does besides a few posters in February [Black History Month] is nothing”, Junior Josh Braxton said “ And what about the other months, like Hispanic month?”.

Out of 50 students, they all said besides a few posters they don’t do anything in classes relating to diversity. “The school really doesn’t do anything else in the class”, Senior Chris Williams said, “ During February nothing special happens during class to acknowledge it, [Black History Month]”.

The topic of diversity doesn’t just apply to students, it also applies to the Buffalo High School staff. Out of 90 teachers at the high school only 1 has a different ethnic background besides white.

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