Does school start too early?

Buffalo High School gets out earlier than any neighboring high school — at least thirty minutes earlier than Monticello, Delano, St. Michael-Alberville, or Rockford. However, it’s also the earliest starting school in the area.

Out of 50 students surveyed, 33 said they would like school to start later. The most common reason for this was that waking up early is difficult. The other 17 students said that they would like to have school start at the same time as it does now, because if it started later that means it would end later.

“I think it would be better if school started, later because the teenage brain isn’t awake till 9:30,” said Senior Mariah Brings.“But it would end later and mess up the sports schedule.”

Debate Topic on Yahoo.com says some pros about school starting later would be; students would be more awake throughout the day and would have longer to wake up, there would be less traffic, students earn better grades, and even behave better. Some cons listed on the website would be that it doesn’t prepare kids for their future work, kids would go to bed later knowing they have to wake up later, school would be shorter and the sports programs may not work.

“I think school should start earlier or the same time” said Language Teacher Jodeen Fitzgerald. “The longer the break of learning, the more the students can and will forget.”

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