Farmers Lot

Its has been a tradition for years at Buffalo, all farmers or basically anyone that owns a tracker, or a four wheeler anything that’s not a car but able to drive to school. they take up at least one third of the parking lot. This year they seem to be the high tech and a whole lot bigger then the ones the last year. 

“I love it, I’m a hick. Its a Tradition I don’t think any other school does it. Actually there is no other school that does. I love it.” said Senior Kaehler Reitz.

The big tires, rusty colors and general look of the tracker calls for it to be the last day of the school year. Its like a symbol of hard work, for students at Buffalo High. Its as big of a deal as the rock for seniors on class color day, it has a meaning for most people here in Buffalo.  

Its almost like a sport, the farmers are able to show off their “rides” like a baseball pitcher showing off his curve ball. Or a hockey player and his slap shot. For them this is like their day, for them its bigger then any sport. Today, June 4 2009 the parking lot becomes the farmers lot.

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