Seniors Take Over on Class Color Day

The blacked out senior class of 2013 marched into the hallways of Buffalo High School showing their pride on class color day.

“I think it’s a day you look forward to dressing up for,”  said Senior Homecoming Queen Mariah Brings. “We dress in black to show that we’re top dogs now.” 

Underclassmen watched from their respective hallways as the seniors gathered in the main atrium and on the stairs, cheering and chanting to show their superiority.

“It is a way for each class to show it’s pride and for them to bond and feel proud by going through the educational system together.” said Senior Homecoming King Michael Swearingen.

Coming together as a unified class and showing pride brings up the question of whether you should participate or not.

“It is important to dress up,” said Brings.  “You shouldn’t be forced to, but it’s good to bond with your class.”

The bonds created during class color day can be seen in the pictures of class color day and in the spirit of the senior class coming to the end of Buffalo High School’s 2012-13 Homecoming.

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