Students start cleaning out lockers with one day left of school

Last week of school every year giant garbage containers are  rolled and passed around locker to locker. There are anywhere from two to four depending on the locker bay and the grade. Each locker bay has a paper only container for all the environmental friendly students.

Some students have been cleaning their locker out for the last month, which all in  all has helped them out pretty well. No mess to dig through and trying to find materials needed for that class. Easier to fit your bag and easier to shut the locker, also no reason to kick the locker trying to open it or close it.

” It was so hard to close my locker in the middle of the year, I had to kick it like everyday to even get it open. I had so many books I could barely fit them on the shelf even. Now I cleaned it out and its so much eaiser plus I dont have any of the big books to take up room.” said Junoir Tonya Zemlin.

Its also not just the locker bays that students have to clean out. Gym lockers are just as bad, smelly clothing pouring through the holes of lockers and fill up the whole locker room. Most students don’t even take them home to wash them, they either bring more or just don’t bother with the smell.

“I have four to six shirts at least threee pairs of shorts, two pairs of long socks, five pairs of short socks, garbage bags like a plastic one and a sports bag. I have detoterant, hair and body wash and one pair of shoes.” States Junoir Domanick Bainey.

Anything left in the lockers will be thrown out, so students should take everything they want home and they should do it as soon as possible so they dont spend their last day rushing to get everything out of their lockers.

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