Chris Cloud skypes with The Hoofprint about “Doing it Together”

As the school year comes to a close, students and staff are beginning preparations for next year. For The Hoofprint, this means creating a brand new staff. The 2012-2013 Hoofprint staff consists of 50 student members. To keep 50 students working together in a positive way is not an easy task, so Adviser Ryan McCallum invited Chris Cloud to Skype with the staff about the power of “Doing It Together”.

Cloud is the co-founder of, a website dedicated to telling the story of Minneapolis, for Minneapolis, by Minneapolis. He spoke at a Ted Talk at the University of Minnesota in April, where McCallum first asked him to speak. Here are some pointers he has for not only Hoofprint staff members, but anyone:

  • Do not be afraid to experiment, try new stuff, and fail.
  • Discover things.
  • Use your intuition.
  • Be yourself. Individuals are what make collaboration so amazing, beautiful, and important.
  • “Haters gonna hate.”
  • Use criticism to motivate you to do better next time.
  • “Don’t plagiarize. That’s bad.”
  • Remember that every idea is a good idea. There are no bad ideas. Ideas are always valuable.
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