Orchestra dazzles with classic pieces (with concert audio)

Buffalo High School’s Concert Orchestra performed last night in the Performing Arts Center.

The concert began with “The Star Spangled Banner,” they performed “Ice Sculptures” which featured the cello section. Their second piece “O Magnum Mysterium” was written to convey wonder and awe. While it was performed the audience could not look away for its entirety. They performed one other piece.

After a short transition and an empty stage the chamber strings took the stage and performed one of Joseph Haydn’s string quartets.

“Haydn stumbled upon this idea of a string quartet, two violins and a viola and cello,” said Music teacher Mike Knutson.” “He wrote for a few musicians and ended up writing fourteen string quartets and they became really popular and he’s now known as the father of the quartet.”

The orchestra was joined by select band members for their final piece “Finlandia.” “Finlandia” was written during a time where they were attacked from many sides and came out as a national staple.

It’s a very nationalist song, it’s sort of like “America the Beautiful,” said Knutson. “A second national anthem for them. It was written in a important time for Finland.”

Hear the Concert Orchestra perform one last time this year, along with Buffalo High School’s other top performing groups May 18.

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