Balancing School and Jobs

Working can be stressful, make you happy, and provide you with money. There are both positives and negatives to having a job while being in a school.

A  job doesn’t necessary mean you work for a company, you can nanny, or be part of a team as well. Being part of a team is almost like a full time job, but you are doing it for fun and not getting paid.

“I only work three or four days a week,” says Junior Adria Scherber. “But when I work, I tend to fall behind in my homework more than I usually would. I don’t think it is because I have a job, but because of the time that it takes up that night.”

Many students fight a battle between having a job or playing sports because both take huge dedication and time commitment. When fitting homework in on top of school life it can be really stressful. Students say towards finals, they have to skip practices or take off work. Yet some people argue that it can be easy.

“I do not have a job,” said Junior Meghan Bye. “But I do play sports and it can be really hard to be in sports, hang out with friends, and balance homework.”

Between the advantages and disadvantages of having a job, most teens try their hardest to make their own money so they can have a car and pay for gas.

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