Summer Activities

Throughout the 2009 summer students will be busy with many different types of school related activities. Along with no summer school this year teachers, and staff will also be occupied with different things.

Marching band has already started practicing for their first parade which happens to fall on June 13 during Buffalo Days. During their practices which usually run from 6-9 p.m. they work on what music they will be preforming during each parade, along with basic marching steps to go along with the music. The week after school gets out Marching band has what they call “Sweat Camp” they practice everyday from 8:30 – 5 during sweat camp the band had time to put everything together before their parades. They work on quicker steps to go more with the flow and beat of their music so they are able to put it together during the parades during the entire summer.

Along with Marching Band still in session Student Council is still working around the sun. Student council has a meeting in the month of July or August to start the early planning of homecoming week. During their summer meeting the decide the theme for this years dance along with all the dress up days they want to have throughout the week.

“We are going to have to do a lot of planning during the summer because homecoming falls earlier this year,” said Sophomore Ali Kiernan “Homecoming is around the second week of school this year thats why it is important for us to get on top of our A game in order for it to go smoothly.”

After choosing the theme and dress up days for homecoming the council members have a bonding event usually at Junior Ashley Michalko’s house. During the bonding event student council welcomes new members from the middle school so they all get a feel for how things work at the high school. After the bonding event members start making decorations for the dance and the hall ways for the whole week. 

Not only is Marching Band, and Student Council working this summer, Publications will also be getting ready for next years yearbook and newspaper publications. Yearbook has already started planning for the 2009-2010 book, but during the summer editors have the chance to come and work on designing spreads before the school year starts. Advisor Ryan McCallum encourages all staff members to work on their spreads so they are prepared for school to start and not rushing to get everything done.

With all the hard work in the summer sun students work hard to plan, and organize different events for the new school year.


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