New Boys Lacrosse Coach

Boys Lacrosse has just started their second year at being a school sport, this not being the only new feeling that they will face. To lead them through the upcoming season, the boys have just received a new coach, Larry Hunter.

Most of the boys who were also on the team last year talk about how laid back it was, and how different the field is this year. “He is a much more serious coach than last year,” said Sophomore Casey Anderson, “I liked it way more laid back, but I do know that he really just wants to help you get better.”

This new roughness on the boys, those of JV and Varsity, seems to have opened their eyes and come off as a good aspect of this new coach. “He’s strict and can get us into shape fast,” said Junior Zackary Phillips, “I think that we will win a lot more games this year.”

Having not only founded, but also head-coached Delano Boys Lacrosse since 2008, Hunter knows his stuff. All teams under Hunter’s Coaching made it to their respected State age level last year. Knowing his past, the boys give off a feeling of excitement for the upcoming season led by Hunter. “He’s an experienced coach and knows what he is talking about,” said Junior Luke Lingo, “He knows a lot about Lacrosse. And coaching is a big part of winning so I believe that we have high expectations for this year.”

With these high expectations and an experienced coach, hours and hours of intense conditioning will take place this year. “He teaches dodges, clearing, and all the right mechanics to kids,” said Junior Bradley Norman, “Something that was somewhat skipped over last year.”

Overall the boys on the team are very pleased with our lucky gift of such a great new coach. “I love coach Hunter. He’s a tough guy who used to train marines, exactly what we need to be good,” said Senior Sam Mayhew, “I think we’ll be a lot smarter than last year, but we’re still really young so we’ll have to wait and see how the season turns out.”

Buffalo High School wishes the Boys Lacrosse team good luck this year with Hunter, in hopes to have him return to us next year.

Photo by Mariah Brings


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