The Make Up Game


Wednesday, May 27th, the Buffalo Girl’s Varsity Lacrosse team annihilated St. Paul 21-0.  This was St. Paul’s first year playing; they had great sportsmanship and played fair.  Only one referee showed up to this game, and though he did his job well, he still missed a few major calls on both sides.  The defeat came fast.

“Girls, it’s twenty-one to zero and we’ve run out of numbers on the flipper,” said Coach Andrea Lund.  “Just take your time and pass it around a little.”

This was a good practice game for Buffalo, it allowed the players to switch up their positions and try new strategies. 

One new strategy the girls were able to try was the box.  The box is set up with two homes [offense] down behind the opposing team’s net.  The attack wings run the ball down towards the net and pass to one of the homes behind the net, who then passes to the other home behind the net, while another attack wing cuts in and scores.  

Buffalo will be playing this team again on Friday, May 29th, to start off the state tournament. 





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