Change is in sight for BHS in 2009-2010 school year

The 2009-2010 school year quickly approaches, so does a whole new set of rules.  The rules that Buffalo High School students have had to follow in past years, have all been lenient, and flexible.  But next year, students are in for a big change. 

With the constant use of cell phones among the students, teachers often feel disrespected.  If a student got their cell phone taken away this year, it wasn’t a big deal.  Teachers either placed the captured device safely in their desk till the end of the day, or sometimes even just until the end of class.  And other teachers would simply ask students to put their phones away, or even just ignore the fact that their students where texting in the first place.    Nobody had the right to look through the phones, because of the rights of the student that it belonged to.

 However, next year will not be the same.  If a student gets their phone taken away during school, it will be given to an administrator, who has the right to search the phone completely due to the high levels of text bullying and what is now being called “sexting”, where students send disturbing pictures, and text messages to each other.  The student will no longer be able to wait till the end of the day to go and receive their phone, or get it at the end of class.  The students parents will actually have to come into school and get their child’s phone for them.

“I think that they administrators shouldn’t be able to search through our phones,”  Stated Junior Paul Rankin.  “If its my phone that my parents got for me, then they shouldn’t be able to invade my privacy with out my permission.  Texting is not a crime, i should have to go through all of the.  Give me a warning and I’ll put it away, its as simple as that.”

It’s a new school year, with new rules.  Some students are thankful for the change, and others are outraged.  What will be next for change in the 2009-2010 school year…

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