Spain trip changes to Costa Rica

The Spain trip scheduled for next year has been changed to Costa Rica. The trip is offered to Spanish students every other year and has been to Spain the last two times. In the past, the destinations have included Spain, Costa Rica and different cities in Mexico. Students voted for Costa Rica and Spain as the top places they wanted to go, and, due to cost, the Spanish teachers decided Costa Rica would be more reasonable this coming year.

Students meet during AAA to talk about the Costa Rica trip. Photo by Emma Rodelius

Spain would have been roughly $800 more per person and it is likely that more students will sign up now the place has changed. A date has not been decided yet, but it will take place in June of 2013. There was a meeting during triple AAA on Friday in Mr. Boeckers room and even students that weren’t signed up for Spain can sign up now for Costa Rica.

“I was super excited,” said Junior Valerie Kampa, “because I didn’t sign up for Spain and when I heard they changed it and I could still sign up, I was like ‘Yay I get to go!’. Plus it’s cheaper which just adds to the excitement. I’m glad it’s in Costa Rica because it will be more tropical and exotic. There is something scheduled for every day so it won’t be a waste of time either. We get to see how organic chocolate is made and go on a tour through the jungle. I’m also looking forward to staying with a host family because it’s a great opportunity to hear native speakers.”

Students aren’t the only ones eager for this change of pace. Although Spain is a favorite, Costa Rica holds opportunities for new sights and experiences for the teachers, too.

“I’m not excited for the spiders and the big snakes,” said Spanish Teacher Nancy Eiynk, “but yes I am excited for a new experience. It’s fun because it can be an adventure for both the students and teachers.”

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