Snow Day

Today, it snowed. A lot. For the first time this year, BHS students got a snow day.

“It was a much-needed day to just relax and not worry about school work,” said Senior Marissa DiOrio. “I think it was needed for everyone. I really enjoyed it and I’m glad we finally were able to get one.”
While Marissa spent the day inside shopping online, many other students’ parents used this as an excuse to give them more chores. The Brailler brothers – Freshman Zeke Brailler and Junior Bo Brailler – however, still managed to make their day off exciting by building “Large Marge”, an eleven-foot tall snowman.
Zeke and Bo Brailler standing next to the eleven-foot tall snow man, Large Marge.

“We were supposed to clear the driveway,” said Bo. “We figured if we made a big enough snowman with that snow, we could clear the whole thing that way. We couldn’t, but we had a blast and then shoveled the rest.”

Junior Connor Mann didn’t even have a chance to enjoy himself  because he spent his day off at work. He covered a 1-4pm shift for a woman who was unable to make it because she drove into a ditch. Connor has been an employee at Tom Thumb for 9 months, but he’s never had to work on a snow day before.
“I was planning on playing video games today, but that didn’t happen, because I had to work,” said Connor. “The severity of the weather on my drive to work was about a 6.45 on a scale of one to ten. It was really slushy, and I thought I saw a yeti. I’d hydroplane every once in a while as well.”
Junior Stephanie Edmondson’s employer also found out about her snow day and called her in to work early. Even though not all students really got a day off, those like the Brailler Brothers and DiOrio enjoyed theirs.

By Blair Solberg & Sam Sansevere

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