Gift ideas for guys on Valentine’s Day

People holding hands, kissing, giving hugs and laughing. Eating chocolates, carrying flowers and teddy bears. It’s that one day of the year dedicated to that special person you love. The one day guys don’t get crap from their friends for showing their girl how much they love them… If they remember.
According to, 53% of women would dump their boyfriend if they did not get them anything. Flowers are the top choice for presents on this day. On average $403 million worth of flowers are sold!

But Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be completely girly. Here are some gift ideas for guys:

1. Personalized M&M’s. What guy doesn’t love candy? Especially when the messages come from you!

2. Fun cases for their phone. You’d be surprised what you could find!

3. Customized “Dog Tag” necklaces. They look cool, but they can read the back and remember who loves them!

4. Calendar with photos of you two for all the months. On every important day throughout the year, write a little message in the box.

5. Cologne and a gift bag of things to make him laugh.

What if you don’t have a Valentine? This is the perfect day for people to be total creeps, and get away with it! No matter what they do, since its Valentine’s Day it will be considered cute.

“It was second block and I was the last student in the room,” said Junior Amanda Letsinger. “When I got in there, I saw a huge vase with a dozen white roses sitting on my desk. There was a note and it was super cute and sweet how he wrote it. It was all in cursive and adorable. I kind of guessed who it was but I didn’t find out for sure until the end of the day. I was surprised. We have barely talked and I thought it was a mistake that they were for me.”

This day definitely changes from year to year. Last year pink boas, red lipstick, and glitter filled the hallways. Decorations were spread out all over the building. This year, an occasional outfit or two, and flowers were all you saw.

“In years past, we used to fill the PAC stairs with hundreds of flowers, over sized bears and chocolates to be sent out,” said Barb Christenson. “This year, we had 25 … We got a lot of flowers for students who don’t even go to this school. So we divided them up and decorated them throughout the building.”

Valentine’s Day is crazy. It’s special, memorable and important. In different ways. Weather you spend it with the one you love, find a new love, or celebrate by yourself. It is impossible to completely ignore the hearts, chocolates and bears all around you.

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