Twitter overtakes Facebook as students’ favorite social network

Facebook and Twitter are the most popular social networking sites that  millions of people around the world use.

Out of 100 students surveyed at Buffalo High School, 74 percent of students prefer Twitter over Facebook.

“I like Twitter better because my younger brother, parents, and other relatives are only on Facebook.  Since Twitter hasn’t really caught on with the younger & older generations, I feel that I have more freedom on Twitter.  There is not as many people checking up on me,” said Senior Evan Anderson.

Some people like Twitter better so they can get away from some things that people post on Facebook.

“I feel like people like Twitter more because they can get away from a lot of the drama and people trying to act like they have lives on Facebook,” said Senior Cassie Stricker.

It seems that more and more people are talking about how they decided to deactivate their Facebook, only to end up reactivating it again.

“I always try to deactivate my Facebook, but I feel like I wouldn’t be in the loop if I didn’t have one, so I always end up reactivating it just to see what I may have missed, ” said Junior Bailey Braatz.

Facebook and Twitter keep trying to reinvent themselves to keep their website fresh and new to keep their users interested.  Every few months they add a new feature or reformat their layout.

MySpace was the popular social networking site around 2005 to 2008, then Facebook users skyrocketed and it began being popular in 2009.  Facebook has now surpassed MySpace as the most popular social networking site.  Twitter is coming right along because the interest in Twitter increased every year since its introduction in 2006.

Every few years it seems that another social network site engine comes into the market and takes over.  What will the popular networking tool be next year?

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