All About Me Books Arrive

Today seniors got a big surprise when they got their “Got to be me” books from 8th grade.

What makes the these book so special, and what impact do they have on seniors? Eighth grade teacher Jan Heyerdahl,  who’s been doing this for 25 years, said ” It’s as successful as the students make them. They reap the rewards, and under it all they become better writers.”

Natasha Leech who has only been doing this for four years said, ” I hope that the seniors appreciate getting them back.”

Many seniors  have varing veiw on getting their books back. Senior Matt Streeter said he really did care about the book.

Heyerdahl told a story about one senior that was able to get her book back. “One time I got a book back to a mom  whose daughter was killed in a car crash. When she got the book back, the mom made me promise that I would keep doing this.”

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