Summer Strength And Conditioning

Students in grades 7th – 12th (in fall of 2009) have the oppertunity to join the summer strength and conditiong program. Tory Hanson the main coordinator/coach says

“100s’ of hours are spent to make sure the program runs smoothly. There will be 3 to 5 staff memembers at every session depending on the activtiy. We spend 7 to 8 hours here each day 4 days a week to make sure the students get the full benifit.”

Hanson runs the program with assitants from Gerard Rohl, head football coach, Scott Palmer, head track coach, Chris Gmach, varsity assistant coach, and Jill Hanson head CC coach/ head nordic ski coach.

For more information download the 2009 summer strength and conditiion form. Or contact Troy Hanson at 763-682-8012 or e-mail him at

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