The addiction to Words With Friends

The popular app Words With Friends has made the typical high school students want to spell.  Recently, the game has dethroned Bubble Shooter as the new online addiction for BHS students.

“Every one is now addicted to this new Scrabble game,” Said Sophomore Justine Stensby “Words With Friends is now even bigger than Bubble Shooter. It’s mind blowing how fast it caught on through social media.”

In Words With Friends, which works on Facebook as well as Android and iOS devices, players have seven tiles and try to place them on a grid with 225 spaces. While trying to collect the occasional double or triple word tiles. Words With Friends was invented by the developers at the Zynga corporation (formerly Newtoy, Inc.) in July of 2009.

“Anna, my sister, first was the one to tell me about it, but then I saw Anabelle Fiebelkorn playing it and it looked really cool,” said Sophomore Jay Mason “After that, I downloaded it and have been hooked ever since.”

“Mr. McCallum said he was unbeatable in Words with Friends,” said Junior Ben Leipholtz “So I sent him a request, I started with a big word and lead for the whole game. I ended up beating him by 70-some points.”

McCallum since got his revenge on Leipholtz and his record stands at 17-1.

Words with friends was not the first game where you try to spell words for points. There was the old but popular board game Scrabble. In 1950’s Scrabble was the favorite household game. Words With Friends has over taken Scrabble with 20 million users according to Zynga.

By Sophomore Jake Willmert

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  1. Gotta love playing Words with friends, I find myself glued to it, instead of going to sleep. But the best secret with this game must be the ANAGRAMMER, to give me a little hint here and there in times of trouble.