Vietnam War Veteran Speaks at Buffalo High

Vietnam War veteran Gary Gullickson came to BHS this last week to speak to a couple 10th grade classes about his experiences from the war. He has come back to BHS for ten years and has spoke a total of 20 times.

“I have no idea what kids get out of my story’s when I speak, but I love doing it.” said Vietnam veteran Gary Gullickson “I honestly think that I get more out of it then the kids do. It’s like healing… I always feel better and more at ease after I have talked about my experiences in Vietnam. I came back from war with a lot of mental and emotional wounds, and when I go places to speak it just makes me feel better in a way.”

Gullickson served four years as a marine. two years and 25 days of that was over seas. Gary did one tour,and on this tour he spent for months in Japan and 9 month in Vietnam. When he returned he suffered from post traumatic stress disorder for quite some time. a couple of years he wrote a book called. Vietnam: Our Story One on One

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