What are we afraid of?

“People who sleep walk scare me, I’m really scared they are going to kill me at night or something,” said Sophomore Cassie Pepper. “It’s scary being you never know what they will do.”
Weather it’s broken hearts, water, spiders, or a certain person even maybe, we all have those things that scare us. People all have different fears. Some no one would expect, others that you know most everyone is scared of, like death for example.
“Ticks or spiders make me freak,” said Freshman Mallory Ross. “It’s just how they are, I feel like they are going to crawl on you and it’s just weird to have that feeling.”
“Watching shark week changed me, I was not afraid before, but now even if a swimming pool I’m afraid a shark is going to eat me,” said Freshman Josh Fischman.
The fears people encounter each day and year are quite shocking. It does not matter what you’re like, it’s just something you’re born with.
“My worst fear is death, because you never know how or when it’s going to happen, until it happens,” said Sophomore Wyatt Moore. “If I think about it too hard, it scares the crap out of me.”

According to a survey of 30 students, the top five  fears of BHS students are:

1. Spiders

2. Death

3. Clowns

4. Drowning in water

5. Breaking up with someone and getting a broken heart came in tied

“Spiders have too many legs for me to handle.” said Freshman Ciara Pepper.

Sophomore Macena Kaiser said her fears started when she was “picked up by a clown in Disney Land and they started running away with me.”

Others said things that everyone would suspect, of course spiders and death. Every once in a while answers like teeth, forests, storms, ticks, heights, murders, failing, etc. would come up.

“Swimming in rivers creeps me out,” said Freshman Wesley Sanderson. “I’m scared something is going to grab me, or I’m going to die.”

Some people actually end up getting help from a actually physiologist in order to over come a fear.

“Failing scares me, I am all about succeeding.” Senior Kala Czanstkowski said. “My parents struggled and I just know I don’t want that happening.”

“I’d have to say spiders, no reason why, everyone else says it, so why not?” said Freshman Nina Johnson.

Either you’ve experienced it, or seen movies with it, you know that one thing you don’t want anything to do with. People sometimes over come their fears. Others may end up getting help to try to over come one. All in all, everyone ends up finding a way somehow. Even with your interesting past experiences.


Story by Kate Leipholtz
Photo credit:  sickmonk on Flickr.


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