Students leaving Saturday to spend three weeks in Germany

While many students will spend Saturday sleeping in or groggily completing the ACT test, some will run last-minute errands to pick up travel toothpaste and check their suitcase one last time. 
15 students and two advisers are traveling to Germany as a part of the German-American Partnership Program.  Their flight leaves at 7:20 in the evening and they’ll arrive in Frankfurt at 12:20 p.m.
“It’s going to be crazy,” said Senior Emily Anderson. “For one thing, we will have been on a plane for 13 hours and we will be very, very tired. Stepping off that plane is going to be total sensory overload and confusion, because everything around us will be hustling and bustling and it will all–signs, speakers, everything–be in German.”
But some sights will be familiar.  The English students from Germany who visited in the fall will greet the weary travelers with signs and smiles.  Then the BHS students will stay with the same German students they hosted last fall.  For Junior Allison Mustonen, who will be spending six days in Berlin, and Anderson, this provides for unique opportunities.
“During the trip, the group as a whole will be in Kronberg, Frankfurt, and Munich, but I will be able to spend time in another great city–Heidelberg. None of the other students going on the trip are traveling there, so I feel really special. I will be taking a weekend trip to Heidelberg with my host sister to stay with her sister, who is in college.  [German teacher Michele] Strassburg has a picture of Heidelberg hanging in her room currently and every time I look at it, it gets me excited.”
With their host siblings, they’ll spend six days at school.  As a group, they’ll visit Kronberg castle, tour Frankfurt and visit two elementary schools.   They’ll also visit two museums, the Dachau Concentration Camp, and take a bike tour of Munich. 
The group will return from their travels on July 3.
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