So You Say You Want A Resolution?

The New Year’s resolution. This yearly commitment to bettering oneself most likely isn’t a new concept to anyone at Buffalo High School. Students of all graduating years make these self-promises, and whether they be fulfilled or simply abandoned, the tradition of celebrating the new year is one of the oldest in recorded date. This being said, how have individual resolutions changed over the years?

As the generations progress and evolve do peoples expectations do so as well?

Students have such responses as “I don’t want to get in any more trouble with the law.” (sophomore Veronica Reed) and “No more F’s in school.” (Sophomore Jordan WazWaz)

and responses from teachers and faculty were similar to “I want to work out five times a week, and get weight under 180” (Social Studies teacher Gerald Bakke) and “I’m giong to make myself 1% more awesome each week, so that way by the end of next year, i will be 52% more awesome. I’ll keep track in my awesome journal” (English teacher Ryan McCallum)

So the cycle of self-betterment continues for another year. Young and old alike making promises for the next year and with a bit of self restraint, may be able to meet the standards set for themselves. Whatever be the case, the tradition has stayed alive.

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