A Fresh Take on Golf

One new BHS golfer shares her experience

The Girl’s Golf team has been very successful this spring season, just as they were last year. There have been many new recruitments this year, some who have golfed before, and some who have not.

Lily Guertin is completely new to the game of golf, and she joined to “try something new with a few of my friends who have never played before. I also wanted to join a sport where there was minimal cardio.”

Lily says that she really enjoyed golf, claiming it’s “a very social sport, and it was fun to learn about. It is kind of [its] own little culture, which is really cool to me.” Her favorite moment of the season was was her first match. “I had joined golf suddenly, and later found out that my cousin from Monticello had also joined. We ended up both having our first match on the same course at the same time. Later it was time to split into [small groups], and she was placed in my group. It was such an incredible coincidence.”

In the heavily debated question if golf can be considered a sport, Lily says this, “[Golf] is a sport because it takes collaboration from a team, involves physical activity, and requires you to strategize.”

After one season of practice and meet experience, Lily says that she would be happy to do golf again next season. While she was totally new to the game, she felt encouraged and welcomed by the team and coaches.

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Hazel Wintermantel

"You've gotta follow that dream, wherever that dream may lead." -Elvis

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