“OMG I love those!” How shoes become trends

What are the trendy shoes of 2018 for Buffalo High School

Omg look at those…. I need them!

From Fidget Spinners to Fortnite, fads are constantly changing. Shoes are no exception. What footwear fads are emerging at BHS in 2018?

“I would say the most recent shoe trend is definitely still converse, high or low, black or white, I see different converse every day,” said Audrey Helpi.

Everyone goes through phases, and whatever your friend has obviously your will end up wanting them.

“The most recent shoe trend I would say is the slip-ons girls have them in all different colors”said Jorrie Murray

It all started with Crocs, then it came to Converse high top and low top, then Adidas, Vans, Birkenstocks, and Uggs.

“I personally think my sister has every shoe trend there ever was, and ever will be. Every time they’re out she buys them two to three days after” said Sterling Yates.

Everyone has their own timeline but that’s mine, and it will keep changing. These trends can also switch from boys to girls.

In an informal survey of 35 Buffalo High School students, people were feeling ready for summer, as Birks were the first choice out of Converse, Vans, Birkenstocks, Ugsg, Crocs, Adidas, Slip-ons, Nike, and other.

As Birkenstocks were the winner with 15 votes,Vans trailed in second place with 12 votes, Nike and Adidas had a tie with eight votes, while Slip-ons, and Uggs had zero votes. The other category consisted of one vote for Heelys and another vote for socks and sandals.

It’s amazing to see what the next trends will hold, just like the evolution of phones, and technology, fashion is ever-changing. 

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Josie Yates

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